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Helping you prepare for the love you’ve prayed for, and keeping couples wildly attracted for a lifetime is my personal mission.

Yeah. I've been there. I've experienced almost every stage of life you can pass through on your relationship journey, and I've learned a few things.

In order to get the love you want and keep it, you have to first get yourself together, then you have to get life in order, before you get your relationships together. Once you've found that special someone and you commit to one another, your work is not done. Because we all constantly grow and evolve, you need to continue working on yourself. But you also need to create intentional plans for your relationship to keep the connection close, the passion hot, and the commitment strong for a lifetime.

I have quite a few ideas on how to do all of this, just bubbling up so much I can barely contain them. Don't worry, I am going to share them all with you.

My life experiences, education, gifts, skills, talents, combined with the vision God has placed in my heart, has made me uniquely equipped for such a time as this. I am so glad you found me, and I hope you join with me as we co-create together to get you the love you have been praying for.

Love and Blessings!

xoxo Kara


Founder, Love Kingdom LLC and Love Prep Academy


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